Wild Orchid Watch use case feedback

The Use Cases Draft provides the outline for the Wild Orchid Watch app, which is being developed in-house at The University of Adelaide.

We would greatly appreciate your comments to help guide the development of the WOW mobile app and associated cloud-based services. Which use case do you identify with? Would you like to see any modifications or additional use cases? Ultimately, the WOW app will provide a resource for a wide variety of users including orchid enthusiasts and photographers, applied scientists and ecologists.

Please review the Use Cases draft document and provide feedback below. Or if you would prefer, provide feedback to info@wildorchidwatch.org or email us your phone number and we will call you to discuss.

Thank you for your input!

The Wild Orchid Watch Team

Which user-type do you identify with?
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See Use Case document for more detail (link above)
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Would you find it useful to be able to comment (interact with other users) within the app and/or website?
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