Policy statement - Use of contributed photographs


Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0 ) is the copyright standard that will apply to all work derived from photographs associated with WOW. CC BY-NC 4.0 mandates that the photographer will be attributed (appropriately credited), and use of the photograph is for non-commercial purposes only. CC BY-NC allows WOW to reuse, edit and share the photographs legally. It does not allow subsequent users to re-use the photographs.

Types of use

Computer learning

All contributed photographs may be used by WOW for image analysis using machine learning (i.e. image classification and clustering) and may also be filtered by WOW for inappropriate content. Contributors will be attributed by being listed and acknowledged as a project contributor on the WOW website.


Contributed photographs may be used for the purpose of marketing and promoting WOW, providing attribution is made (typically the photographer’s first name and surname, or first initial and surname, as indicated by the contributor during the submission process or as part of their WOW user profile). The attribution may be made on the photograph itself (watermark placed by WOW), or in subtext elsewhere in the document/website etc.  

The photographs may be displayed:

·         on the WOW website, or our project partners’ websites (such as TERN, The University of Adelaide, AusIndustry etc.)

·         in presentations (on screen or posters) at conferences

·         in brochures and pamphlets, banners etc.

·         in social media (WOW/project partners Facebook, Twitter etc.)

·         in any other non-commercial use at the discretion of WOW.

Privacy and sensitive locations

All contributors have the right to flag photographs that they do not wish to give permission for WOW for use publicly in promotional or display material. Such photographs may include background details that could disclose sensitive locations, or people who have not granted permission to be displayed.  Such photographs will only be used for machine learning purposes. Instructions on how to flag photographs for non-display use are provided in the WOW Photograph Submissions Procedure (or similar document to be created).


Photographs should be submitted without any watermarks. Any watermarks used for attributing the contributor in display material will be placed by WOW. See WOW Photograph Submissions Procedure.

Edited photographs


Photographs may be cropped or re-sized by the contributor or by WOW to meet project specifications.


Contributors are requested to submit raw unedited photographs. Please do not edit or apply filters, as any adjustments may result in lost image data. WOW will adjust the images if required.


During the submission process, contributors will check that the required metadata to the photograph is included. Required metadata will include the attribution information (i.e. the photographer’s name), an indication of how the photograph may be used (machine learning only, and/or display purposes), and if the photograph contains private/sensitive information. Optional data can also be included (such as a contact email address, camera, lens and camera settings information, and GPS location). The metadata provided by the contributor will remain with the photograph indefinitely. Instructions on how to attach the required metadata to the photographs are provided in the WOW Photograph Submissions Procedure.


As WOW is a not-for-profit project, contributors will not be remunerated for photographs provided to WOW.


CC BY-NC 4.0 does not allow subsequent users to re-use the photographs. For example, people cannot copy a photograph from the WOW website or other publications, and subsequently use it. Such users will need to liaise with the photographs owner (typically the photographer) to obtain permission to use the photographs. WOW can assist people get in contact with the original owner.

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