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Australia has the world's most diverse terrestrial orchid flora. Many are threatened. They are highly susceptible to environmental change, are taxonomically complex, yet many questions on their taxonomy and ecology remain unanswered. Wild Orchid Watch is a program involving the creation of an app for citizen scientists to collect a suite of basic information on orchids and the habitats they are found in, that will be useful to taxonomists, ecologists and land managers. The systems will incorporate an interactive website and database along with communications support. This will enable research into further understanding of the value of orchids as indicators of environmental change, providing fundamental information on distribution, abundance and phenology.

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What we do

Find out about our project, how it will benefit native orchid populations, and improve our understanding of climate change processes


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Are you a native orchid enthusiast with a catalogue of photos? You can become a contributor to our project and help build our computer learning library to enable automated species identification