Q. How can you be sure that sensitive information about orchid locations will be protected?

A. Orchid locations will be collected through the app. Location information will be stored securely, and the location of orchids considered sensitive (i.e. threatened/priority/at risk from exploitation) will not be published for public viewing. Precise location details of sensitive species will only be made available to approved individuals such as scientists and land managers, and access will be managed by existing State/Territory agencies. When orchid data is made public, locations of sensitive species will be obscured so only the general location (i.e. 10 km) will be shown, whilst certain species will not appear at all. Read more about how WOW will manage sensitive data.


Q. Will I be acknowledged for photos that i share?

A. Yes, you can select which international copyright license you wish to apply to your photographs.  We are developing two Creative Commons License documents: Policy Statement - Use of Contributed Photographs and Photograph Copyright Information - Options for Contributors.


Q. How can i be part of the WOW community?

A. Please contact us at info@wildorchidwatch.org to register your interest in becoming part of the WOW online community. You will then be kept updated and given opportunities to contribute to this national project.


Q. how can i be involved in testing the app and database?

A. Please contact us at info@wildorchidwatch.org to register your interest in testing the app and database.


Q. how can i share my orchid photos, descriptions and habitat data for the creation of the app?

A. Please contact us at info@wildorchidwatch.org to contribute orchid data for the development of the app and database. Once the online platform has been publicly released, orchid information will be shared via the app and database.


Q. can i share orchid information but remain anonymous?

A. Yes. When you share orchid information with WOW you can control how much of your personal info (if any) is shared with the online community.